Tuesday, September 8, 2009


here's a demo of the new computer, it runs a lot faster than it does in this right now because I just optimized it.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


jut got a new computer, and you can be sure I'll have some demo videos up not too long from today.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

SD40-2 review

a little thing I did to answer a viewer question on youtube.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


my older dreams have once again been aroused. though this was almost a week ago, I thought to mention it to my small audience. I am going to have a go at becoming a pilot. this was my first "instructor flight" with Rex Damschroder as my instructor. this is a cessna 172 skyhawk, the most widely available rental plane and is the most produced aircraft. this was the plane that made cessna roll around in money. though the 172 is small, it doesn't get shoved around much in the air. it's got a nice sturdy feel to it and is very forgiving. with this of course, comes another endevour on the computer. I've been playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X for a little while now and I enjoy the sim very much. though not real life, it definently provides a realistic simulation engine coupled with powerful graphics and detail capability. it even runs on this thing! for those non-computer types, this is pretty low tech by today's standards (which change every second), and rather slow for my liking, but it will eventually get things done.

4 CPU at 2.00 Ghz
40 GB hard disk space
512 MB RAM
32 MB Nvidia GeForce 400/440X AGP graphics card (that's the killer, really limits what I can do, although it does handle FSX at a decent frame rate, even online with all the other guys buzzing around me)
1 sony CD/RW drive 52x/32x/52x (actually pretty hard core for an old disc drive)
1 Memorex DVD/R/RW/RAM/ROM/etc also reads CD's and some other crazy formats.
1 floppy drive (not sure the last time it's been used, might actually be elegible for a museum transfer in a couple years if it continues to function)
the old 1.1 USB slots
MAG CRT montitor (perty big'un)

some action in FSX...

click for bigger pic

Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com

Image hosted by servimg.com

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


so what do you think?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

They came!

you'll never guess what came today! my SD40-2 and my GP9M! I'm very happy they came, and they both run very nice. They are both very heavy and are well capable of pulling all by themselves. the yellow and black locomotive is the SD40-2, and the green and orange one is the GP9M. I also got some grain cars and a new boxcar today.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

pictures of today's progress

just some of the progress on my layout. some more grass, cleaner track, some cars have been repaired and put back into service

Wednesday, April 29, 2009



A video made and posted on my youtube account.

edit: I changed it to a link due to the video stream hogging bandwidth. It now goes directly to youtube

Sunday, April 26, 2009

purchase decided and ordered

I decided to buy these two. from top to bottom, SD40-2, GP9M. the GP9M is a road switcher. the SD40-2 is a freight locomotive.
Enjoy the layout! some things have been updated. I am currently waiting for the locomotives to arrive.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A need has arisen for a new locomotive

I have realized that my layout is in need of another locomotive. You have not seen all of my set on this blog, but the black locomotive (southeren, says 5056 on side) and the black and yellow locomotive (says 3500 on the cabs side) have been doing the majority of the freight work around the layout, (these are not in this post). Considering the fact that my table will be lengthened a good 5 feet out. The current freight locos are going to need some help. so, I need some help in choosing what one I should add to my fleet. I may even get 2 if I really want to. so, which one/s should I look into getting? ignore the text that isnt where it should be. It didnt turn out how I wanted it. only this paragraph is where it should be, the rest got shoved down to the bottom. the text next to the pictures doesnt correspond to the pictures.

this one is a SD70MAC.

this is a GE C44, known for power.

SD40-2 mid production. old but powerful workhorse.

SD45, very powerful switcher that has mainline freight loco capabilities.

Fairbanks-morse H10-44, vintage switcher. very reliable.

GP35, a vintage still in active service

GP30, one of my favorite locos that pretty much set the standard for freight locomotives. I really like this one.

the versitile GE 70 tonner

A late production SD40-2.

A B27-30. vintage loco, not as reliable as moderns, but still a classic that is still in service.

GP38-2 early. I have a couple of these and they are very reliable.

SD45, a later version of the first switcher with 16 cylinders. different number than other one at the top.

GE Dash 8-40CW, a classic that you may have seen without realizing

same thing but in BNSF's cousin railway's paint.

A familiar loco that runs through my hometown on a regular basis. the GP40-2. Basically designed to be a smaller version of the GP38. just as valuable

an unpainted version of the C420

I'm a big fan of this one. an SD24 would look great on my layout and would complement the GP38-2 and the GP50 that I have already

A competetor of the H10-44 a time ago.

An old GP from the BN railroad

Basically the same as above, but without the somplete BNSF paintjob. an extra 2 letters were added after this was purchased from BN.

A GP38-2 with the paintjob that is used by some of the BNSF locos today.