Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A need has arisen for a new locomotive

I have realized that my layout is in need of another locomotive. You have not seen all of my set on this blog, but the black locomotive (southeren, says 5056 on side) and the black and yellow locomotive (says 3500 on the cabs side) have been doing the majority of the freight work around the layout, (these are not in this post). Considering the fact that my table will be lengthened a good 5 feet out. The current freight locos are going to need some help. so, I need some help in choosing what one I should add to my fleet. I may even get 2 if I really want to. so, which one/s should I look into getting? ignore the text that isnt where it should be. It didnt turn out how I wanted it. only this paragraph is where it should be, the rest got shoved down to the bottom. the text next to the pictures doesnt correspond to the pictures.

this one is a SD70MAC.

this is a GE C44, known for power.

SD40-2 mid production. old but powerful workhorse.

SD45, very powerful switcher that has mainline freight loco capabilities.

Fairbanks-morse H10-44, vintage switcher. very reliable.

GP35, a vintage still in active service

GP30, one of my favorite locos that pretty much set the standard for freight locomotives. I really like this one.

the versitile GE 70 tonner

A late production SD40-2.

A B27-30. vintage loco, not as reliable as moderns, but still a classic that is still in service.

GP38-2 early. I have a couple of these and they are very reliable.

SD45, a later version of the first switcher with 16 cylinders. different number than other one at the top.

GE Dash 8-40CW, a classic that you may have seen without realizing

same thing but in BNSF's cousin railway's paint.

A familiar loco that runs through my hometown on a regular basis. the GP40-2. Basically designed to be a smaller version of the GP38. just as valuable

an unpainted version of the C420

I'm a big fan of this one. an SD24 would look great on my layout and would complement the GP38-2 and the GP50 that I have already

A competetor of the H10-44 a time ago.

An old GP from the BN railroad

Basically the same as above, but without the somplete BNSF paintjob. an extra 2 letters were added after this was purchased from BN.

A GP38-2 with the paintjob that is used by some of the BNSF locos today.

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